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You've been called to the office

What would you think if God called you into his office? Would it feel like the most frightening place you’ve ever had to appear? Like being called to the principal’s office? Summoned to court? Called into the boss’ office?

In my freshman year of college I got a dreadful summons to the dean’s office. Legends of Dr. Johnson’s torturous penalties for unruly students haunted the campus. I was afraid to report to his office, but I was even more afraid not to go. Walking what suddenly seemed like miles across campus, I tried frantically to think what sin he’d caught me in.

A water balloon that had slipped from my hand? No, that’s a misdemeanor to be handled by a dorm supervisor, not the dean. Tying a student’s dorm door shut from the outside? A skipped class? What did he know? Should I confess immediately or deny everything?

Is that what it would feel like to be called before God? I’m afraid we often think so. The thought of approaching his throne prompts gut wrenching terror – fear that we’ve been found out, that we’re doomed. We see lightening flashing from his throne. We hear thunder booming. We expect condemnation and punishment.

God does indeed sit, according to Hebrews 4:16, on a great throne. He truly is mighty and powerful. But, as you fall to your face before the majesty of the King of Creation, sneak a peek at his throne. This Scripture tells us it is made, not of silver or gold, but of something even more precious and perhaps a bit surprising.

God’s throne is built of grace. His power rests on his undeserved kindness and mercy to us. It surrounds him, serving as foundation for his authority. It tempers his wrath and justice.

Dr. Johnson smiled when I entered his office. He shocked me by offering me a summer job in ministry. I could not understand then why he picked me. I still don’t. It was grace – kindness I did not deserve. By it, my life was altered, and Dr. Johnson became a dear friend.

God sits on his throne. Many fear to approach – now and at life’s end. But he waits to smile on you. He is anxious to offer you grace. He is eager to give you better than you deserve. His grace can change your life and make Him your friend forever.

You’ve been called to the office. Don’t be afraid to go.


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