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Being new in a new place can be a little frightening. OK, more than a little. We want to make it as unintimidating as possible for you.


   There are several things that may help:

  • Tour the website to get familiar with us.

  • When you come to WR, look for greeters. They will be looking for you and they will be ready to help you feel at home and find your way around.

  • If you like, you can even let us know you’re coming by clicking on the Visit Us tab on the right. We will connect you to someone who will be your personal host. They will meet you when you arrive and personally assist you.

Upon Arrival

  Church gatherings at Williams Road are fun and uplifting. We think you’ll enjoy your time with us. 


   But first, you have to find your way inside. When you turn onto Williams Road, enter our parking lot by turning right at the first drive. 


      Then just follow the signs to “Guest Parking”. That will put you near the doors you’ll want to enter.  Then follow the signs to “auditorium” if you’re coming for church or for “education” if you’re coming for a class time.


   You are likely to be greeted by one of our members as you enter. When they offer assistance, do them a favor and let them guide you.

Once Inside

     Once inside, you’ll find our church time to be informal and simple.

     The first thing most people notice, is that we don’t have a band or piano. That’s odd to many people, but it’s not new.

     Acapella music is the earliest form of church music. It’s what the first followers of Jesus did and it was the only kind of church music for the first 600 years. That’s even what acapella means – of the chapel.  So, we do what the first followers did. It may seem strange to you at first, but we think you’ll like it and find that it helps focus us on the meaning of the lyrics.

    On a typical Sunday, we sing a couple of songs to help get everyone settled (we like to talk and visit before church). Then someone extends a welcome and tells a little about what’s coming during the service. We then sing a couple more songs before being led in prayer by one of our members.

    Another song follows and we then share communion (which is open to all Christians) and collection (which we do not ask guests to participate in). During the next song, children ages 3 to 5 are dismissed to their children’s program.  The message follows, typically lasting about 25 minutes. It’s followed by another song, some brief announcements and a final prayer.

    Once dismissed, you will find many people lingering for a while to talk. While this isn’t “officially” part of the gathering, it may be one of the more important things we do. Linger a bit with us and let us get to know you.

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