Meet Our Staff


Senior Minister

Keith Wishum

     Keith has been serving Williams Road Church since 1989. He does most of the preaching, teaches classes, provides counseling, writes for our bulletin and the local newspaper, and handles a variety of administrative functions.

     He also leads our campus ministry, Christian Student Center, on the campus of Georgia Southwestern State University, and our youth ministry on our church campus. 



Lynn Novak

     If you want to know what’s going on or need to get something done, this is where you go. Lynn assembles church news and puts it together in our weekly bulletin. She coordinates scheduling of events on the church calendar and scheduling of facilities use. Among a variety of other organizational duties, she also keeps our records, maintaining contact information for members and guests.



     Williams Road is locally autonomous. In keeping with what we see as a Biblical model for the church, local men who have proven themselves capable have been selected by the church to lead the church.

   A list of the qualities required of spiritual leaders is found in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3. These leaders are sometimes referred to as elders. At other times, they are called shepherds or overseers.


At Williams Road, our leaders are (left to right): Rick Luten, Mike Ryan, Steve Reeves, Keith Wishum, and Tony Morris.