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Without it, Nothing changes

Is there something about your life that you wish were different? If so, you need it. Change is possible only if you have it. Nothing will ever change without it.

Legson Kayira had it, and it transformed his life. Kayira, born in a poor, remote village in Malawi, left home at age 16 to go to college in America. With no money, no transportation, and no idea how he would get to America, he started walking the 2,500 miles to Cairo, Egypt. Foraging for wild berries and fruit, sleeping under the stars, he covered 1000 miles in 15 months. Let that sink in. More than a year!

He stopped to work for six months, bought new shoes, wrote American colleges, and set out again. Two years after he started walking, Kayira finally strolled onto the campus of Skagit Valley College where he then earned his degree. For good measure, he capped it with graduate study, a professorship at CambridgeUniversity, and the authoring of four books. Kayira had it and it changed his life.

Candice McCain in Atlanta had it. Weighing 327 pounds and suffering from high blood pressure at age 24, Candace got fed up. Two years later, she was 144 pounds lighter and living a different life.

Two of my brother’s friends had it. They each lost over 150 pounds and ran in their first marathon. A family member had it when she quit smoking nearly four decades after first lighting up. Church family of mine had it when they stopped after years of substance abuse.

What these people all had is what we all need to change what we want changed about your life. It’s dissatisfaction. Only when we become dissatisfied enough with our current situation will we create a new one. For us, as for the nation of Israel, we must leave the present land to get to the promised land.

When Jesus called for people to “Repent” (Matthew 4:17), he was calling for them to be dissatisfied with life as they had known it before. Otherwise, as many did, they would choose to remain where they were.

Perhaps the greatest danger for America is that we are satisfied with life as we know it. We know it could be better, but the way it is seems good enough. And so we leave it like it is.

Whatever you dream of, whatever you long for in your own life of for the church, you won’t have it until you say, “I’ve had it!”


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