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Uncharted Waters

Pete and Andy were professional fishermen. The sons of a fisherman, they had been rocked as babies in the bow of a boat. They grew up groomed to carry on the family business. It was all they knew.

All they knew, until that day. That day that a unique man shouted from the shore, “Hey, boys, quit fishing for fish and let’s go catch some people!”

And they went with him. I wonder what their daddy thought. I wonder what their momma said when she heard that some travelin’ man was taking her boys away. And Pete was married. Can you imagine what his wife said when she heard the news, “You want to quit your job to do WHAT?”

I can’t say for certain what any of them thought. I don’t know what Pete and Andy said at first. My guess is it was something like, “Huh?”

“Who’s going to pay the rent?” would have been one of my questions. “We won’t have a place to stay, so there won’t be any rent,” said the man.

“What about meals? How will we eat,” I definitely would have demanded. “God will provide,” was the answer.

I would have insisted, “Where are we going?”

“Who knows?” he’d say.

“Are you crazy?”

“Like a fox!”

Surely, Pete and Andy had similar questions. But they went! And those fishermen became famous for helping to start the greatest movement in history and ushering in a kingdom that has continued to flourish for nearly 2000 years.

All because they dared to do something new. They left their boats and sailed out on uncharted water. Not because they were sure of themselves. They trusted their captain. They believed in the unique one who called them to something new and different. And they were right; they succeeded!

You can, too! In our current uncharted waters, amid a myriad of medical voices, listen first to the great physician. As we grabble with finding the best timetable for reopening, focus first on the King who created time. He is asking you to try something new. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how. Don’t worry if he is asking you to become what you have never been before. Don’t fear uncharted waters. He created the waters, too.

We don’t know where this current crisis will take up. But we can be confident in the Christ who conquers our every crisis if we but follow him.


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