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The Good Life is Open

Let’s go eat! I heard about this unbelievable restaurant – the Good Life Grill.

Everybody says it’s out of this world! The food is delicious and the price is right. So, come on down!

As soon as we drive up, we hear laughter of customers enjoying the Good Life. Inside, the décor makes it feel like home and the smells are mouth-watering. Everything seems perfect as we take our seats and wait for our waiter.

And wait. Five minutes. Then ten. Nothing is happening. Around us, people are clearly enjoying the good life, mmmming and ahhhing as they eat. But we’re getting nothing!

Finally, some kind soul whispers, “It’s a buffet. You have to go in the other room to get your food.”

Oh. Well. Sure. Now that she’s mentioned it, we notice people coming and going with plates overflowing. An enormous spread of delicious dishes awaits, but we must go get it.

Do you ever feel as if all around you others enjoy the good life while you get nothing? If so, that may be the result of your view of life. Do you see it as a full-service restaurant or as a buffet?

Chew on that. At birth someone begins catering to our cravings. For a couple of decades, we just plop down at the table and mom feeds us. We conclude that’s how life is so we have a seat and wait for someone to serve us. We wait for our lucky break, for the day things will go our way, for our ship to finally come in.

If you are tired of waiting, realign your paradigm. Jesus opened the Good Life Grill and invites us in. “I have come,” he said, “that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). He’ll even pick up the tab. But if we sit waiting, we’ll go hungry.

“Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice” gets the good life, Jesus said. (Matthew 7:24). Don’t miss that word “practice.” It’s critical. Putting the teaching of Jesus into practice changes us. It’s the doing – the daily habits – that define us.

The world we inhabit is often the product of our habits. If you’d like to live somewhere else, move! Change your daily practices - your habits, and you change your world.

The Good Life is open. Seats are available. What are we waiting for?


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