Knowing the Boss

Do you know your boss?

A young lady was employed in the human resources department of a large company. Her job was to train employees in proper dress and etiquette. While new to the job, she noticed a middle-aged man enter the elevator one morning wearing jeans and a golf shirt. Feeling a need to do her job, she chided, “Dressed a bit casually today aren’t we?”

“Yep. That’s one benefit of owning the company,” he replied with a grin.

It pays to know your boss. Not only will you recognize him when you meet, you’ll probably do a much better job if you are working for someone you know.

Walmart has over 2 million employees. Some of them know CEO Doug McMillon personally. Most don’t. Which would you suppose are more likely to know what pleases the boss? Which would care more about pleasing him – those who consider him a friend or those who toil in anonymity?

There are millions who state their religion to be Christianity. How many really know the Christ? Some may be working for a stranger. Like some employees, some Christians seem to be looking for the minimum requirements: “How much do I have to do to avoid being fired?”

Those who feel that way view Sunday morning like many workers do Monday morning. It’s a dreaded chore and bore, necessary to get the reward someday – a paycheck on Friday, or heaven by and by.

Once there, those working for a stranger lack enthusiasm. They watch the clock to see how soon they can escape. All week long, they tend to hold back, to give of themselves grudgingly, hoping to do as little as possible. They aren’t happy with their work, and neither is the boss.

On the other hand, those who work for a friend feel a deeper sense of responsibility. They care about the business because they care about the owner. Jesus taught that following him is supposed to be like that. “I no longer call you servants,” he told his followers, “because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15).

Get to know your boss. Become his friend. Having that relationship will make a huge difference for both of you.