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Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are forever; graphite can be erased.

Graphite, the “lead” used in pencils, is chemically the same as diamond. The two are formed in the same way except that greater pressure turns graphite into diamond. The resulting difference is dramatic. One is hard enough to cut glass; the other crumbles easily. One is rare and precious, the other common and cheap. One is brilliant and sparkling; the other is ugly and black.

Her love was graphite. She was a slut. No polite way to put it. She spent years selling her body and soul to an endless procession of men interested only in the pleasure she could provide them. When he proposed, she had feelings for him. She called it love, but it was too soft to last.

His love was a diamond. He knew what she was, but he loved her anyway. He married her anyway. Gave her his name. Gave her a new life. Gave her children. All the time knowing that she would not be faithful to him. Even after she took everything he had and then took up with other men, he took her back again. His love was forever.

God offers us diamonds. The lovers described above are the prophet Hosea and his wife as described in the book of Hosea. They served as a living demonstration of God’s unconditional, undying love for his people. It’s a love that’s hard to comprehend. It’s a love we desperately need.

Thousands of divorces testify annually that many have found graphite, not diamond. Disintegrated friendships, estranged family members, split churches - all indicate the abundance of graphite and the scarcity of diamond. Real love is a rare jewel.

Yet, that diamond-hard love is what God hopes for from us. Not just in our love for him, but also in our love for each other. “Love,” he explains, “is patient” (1 Corinthians 13:4, NIV) It “is long-suffering” (CPV). Real love “never gives up” (The Message).

Your love for your spouse will be tested. Your commitment to your friends will, too. Your patience with your children and with your parents will be sorely tried. True love will always endure. It will doggedly refuse to crumble, allowing the pressures to turn it instead to diamond.

Real love endures. Accept that kind of love from your Father. Give it to others.

Diamonds are forever; graphite is easily erased.


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