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Sometimes, I delight.

I delight in being cared for. Like that time I was nearly in tears over an assignment. OK, so I was actually in tears, but I don’t want my third-grade friends to know I was crying over homework. How uncool is that! I had to write a poem. Me – a poem! If you're 8 and don’t want anybody to know you have feelings, a poem is the last thing you want to write. But Mom swooped in and rescued me, and my poem not only met the requirements, but it was fun, and it made my teacher smile. It made me smile, too, knowing that my mom cared. So, when the Bible says Jesus is like a mother hen who “gathers her chicks under her wings” (Matthew 23:27), I kind of know what that means. And I delight in that.

I delight in being loved. Like that time when I was six or so and it was my birthday and I had a cake and candles and was about to leave for vacation in the mountains. I was so excited about it all - the cake, the presents, the trip. Then Dad’s boss said Dad had to work that week and couldn’t leave, and everything was ruined. But Dad risked getting fired and told him “No way,” and I felt like he did that just for me. I know it was for my brother and my mom, too, but it felt like it was just for me - like I was special. And, I felt very loved. So, when the Bible says Jesus “loved me and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20), I sort of know how that feels. And I delight in it.

I delight in understanding – in getting it. Like one of those puzzles where you stare at this picture of butterflies or something until eventually you lose focus and your mind kind of goes limp, and suddenly there it is - an incredible 3-D picture! It was there all along, but you didn’t see it before. It’s a beautiful picture, but most of the beauty comes from finally seeing it. It feels like getting home after a long, tiring trip; you’re relieved to finally be there. So, when the poet laureate of the Bible says, “your law is my delight” (Psalm 119:77), if I stare at that long enough, I finally get it.

May you find delight today.


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