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Can your Can't

I can’t!

How often do you say that? Several years ago, I found myself, with one hand rendered temporarily useless by surgery, tempted to say it frequently. But it wasn’t true. There were a few some things I failed to master, but most tasks were doable, just more difficult while using only one hand, particularly my left-hand. With time and practice, I discovered that I could do far more than I thought. “I can’t” was a lie.

“I can’t” is what Moses said when God told him that he had been picked to lead his countrymen to freedom. Moses believed what he said enough to dispute with God about it, but, of course, God was right. Moses could lead - and he did so quite impressively for 40 years.

“I can’t” is what Saul said when told he would be king of Israel. He had a litany of reasons ready to recite to the prophet. But it turned out; he could and did serve as Israel’s first king for 42 years. Only after his success went to his head did he falter.

Intimidating is not the same as impossible. New is not the same as never. Unlikely is not the same as unattainable. Out of the ordinary is not the same as out of the question. God has probably not called you to be king or to lead a nation, but he does call you to do numerous things to which you will be tempted to say, “I can’t.” Resist that temptation.

"Everything is possible for him who believes" Jesus promised (Mark 9:23).

No, that does not mean you can do anything you wish. It does mean you can do anything God wishes. Surely many Israelites cowering under the harsh Egyptian whip had dreamed of rising to lead a revolt. Moses succeeded, not because he wished it, but because God willed it. Saul rose to be king, not because he had positive thinking (he clearly didn’t). He ruled because God willed it. But, in both cases, the potential leaders had to overcome their own “I can’t.”

So, no, you can’t do anything you dream. But you can do everything God asks of you. What is there that you know he wants of you to which you’ve been saying, “I can’t”?

If it’s what God wants for you, can your “can’t” and get started. If I could learn to type this left-handed, there is no telling what you can do!


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