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A Mind Made Up

A mind made up – it’s an amazingly powerful force.

At the age of 12, Tyler was a poster child for the weak-willed and undisciplined. Standing 5’5”, Tyler weighed a whopping 230 pounds.

But something happened. Tyler made up his mind to change. Tired of being embarrassed and wanting to make the middle school basketball team, Tyler put himself on a 1300-calorie diet and began exercising (He started by jogging all of 100 feet!) Seven months later, he was 80 pounds lighter and playing on the school team.

Like anybody else, Tyler faced temptations to quit. The days and months passed slowly. At times, it was hard to see much progress. Snack foods were always calling. But Tyler had made a firm decision. Now his body, and his life, show the power of a mind made up.

You also see that power in the life of Daniel, a young man taken captive by the invading Assyrian army and conscripted into the king’s service, “Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine” (Daniel 1:8). When a law was passed requiring all to bow to an image, Daniel’s mind was made up about that, too. He risked his life to say his prayers because his mind was made up to continue. That we’ve heard of Daniel’s life testifies to the power of a mind made up.

You see the power of a mind made up in the life of Moses who resolved to suffer with God’s people instead of giving in to “the pleasures of sin” (Hebrews 11:25). You see it in the determination of Job to keep his faith in spite of his losses. You see it in the determination of Jesus to carry out the Father’s plan for him to live as one of us - and die like one of us. Each made up his mind and stuck with his commitment.

We can, too! It won’t be easy. Important things rarely are. We know all too well how easy it is to give in, to give up. “Just this once” or “one more won’t hurt” still echo in our minds. But let’s also remember, months after most new year resolutions have been forgotten, that what Tyler could do, we can do. What Daniel and Moses and even Jesus could do, you and I can do.

You, too, can experience the power of a mind made up.


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