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A Father Who Loves Underdogs

My dad loved underdogs.

Back in the ‘60’s, Dad would “watch the game” on Sunday afternoons. Funny thing, he usually “watched” with his eyes closed. When a big play happened, the crowd noise and the excitement of the announcers would wake him long enough to catch the replays. It was an efficient way to watch; he got a nap, but never missed the highlights.

Normally, he “watched” the Atlanta Falcons. They were almost always predicted to lose. They usually obliged. Dad pulled for them anyway. I think he liked it that way. I noticed when college bowl games were shown on holidays, Dad would ask who the odds makers favored. He’d then root for the other team.

Dad’s not alone. For some reason, we all like seeing the underdog win, even if only occasionally. We like to see Rocky Balboa bring down the champion. We thrill when Cinderella is whisked away to live happily ever after with the prince. It’s exciting for most of us to see the little guy win, because we are the little guys. We dream of our day to pull off the upset.

The good news is: somebody else is pulling for the little guy, too. And this fan has the power to arrange the upset. He has been doing it for centuries.

He is the One who gave a son to Abraham and Sarah when they were too old for that to be possible.

He is the One who took an imprisoned servant Joseph to the second highest position in the Egyptian empire.

He is the One who used a fugitive foster child named Moses to deliver a nation from slavery.

He empowered an adolescent shepherd boy to slay the giant Goliath, before whom the armies of Israel trembled. He crumbled the fortified walls of Jericho with just the shouts of civilians. He repeatedly overthrew armies with ox goads and jawbones and torches and horns.

It was He who placed a virgin-born baby in a manger. And He who raised Jesus from his death on a cross to seat him on the throne in heaven.

Now, what seemingly insurmountable obstacle stands in your way today? Do the odds seem to be against you? Change them by recruiting to your side the One who always wins.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). A very good question.

The Father loves underdogs.


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