Williams Road church of Christ was established in Americus in 1948 with 5 original members. The church first met in the Windsor Hotel before moving in 1949 with 25 members to a new building at 702 S. Lee Street. In 1986, new facilities were constructed on Williams Road, with an addition in 1987. The current 400-seat auditorium was completed in 2005.  Sunday morning attendance at Williams Road now averages over 150. Keith Wishum, an Americus native, has served for 26 years as minister for the church.


   The true story of the Williams Road Church, however, is not one of buildings and attendance figures. It is a story of ordinary people like you who have discovered the extraordinary love and power of God to change lives. It’s a story of people who love and encourage each other through the challenges of life, of people who together build a life of joy both now and forever.


   The church at Williams Road is racially and culturally diverse. What its members hold in common is a commitment to Jesus Christ and to the Bible as the only guide for belief and practice.


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